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Laruan Mo, Regalo Ko

“Laruan Mo, Regalo Ko”— Life Radio Santiago, in partnership with Dalaw Kalinga Foundation, celebrated Christmas with a shower of toys to the children in their toy giving and outreach program last December 27, 2017 at Brgy. Naggasican, Santiago, Isabela City where over 300 children received their own little bundles of joy, and also at Domoit Elementary School, Lucena City last December 29, 2017 with 200 children who also received toys as gifts in light of the Christmas season.
Once again, Life Radio showed their heartfelt commitment not only to the service of the welfare of people but also for the joy and laughter of the little children. May it be the month of December or not, Life Radio will always be in the spirit of loving and giving to others.

Life Radio, EMBS, Life Radio, EMBS,

Life Radio, EMBS, Life Radio, EMBS,

Life Radio, EMBS, LifeRadio.phLife Radio, EMBS,


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